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I love the weather this time of year. Today squalls have been blowing through. At work this morning the wind moaned like a cheap movie soundtrack, and the researcher in the office next to mine and I speculated that whomever was in charge of it needed to add a howling wolf and thunder to be truly as cheesy as they were working it up to being.

Okay, for the record, here's a rundown of my writing projects in the works:

She Says: Poems Selected and New CD sound-edited and in the publisher's hands
The Walk She Takes: Poems from Scotland, my idiosyncratic travelogue collection, needs a few more poems, editing, and arranging.
• new as-yet-untitled Canada Council funded poetry manuscript has 11 poems!
Gypsy Davey (novel) working v e r y s l o o w l y on the query letter and trimming the 10-page synopsis in order to start sending our queries
• Not quite titled novel (The Demon Lover after the ballad it's based on seems a little misleading, as this isn't a horror novel) temporarily stalled two-thirds through the first draft
• Unfinished short stories--let's not think about them or the individual poems to submit, or
• the YA short story that Terri Windling thought should be a novel that is beginning to demand headspace

My hair isn't electric blue yet, even if the air around here is electric with the changing weather.

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