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A good week! Once again I managed several more hours unplugged than my minimum, and once again lost count. 12? 13? I've worked every day for at least one hour and tried to do two or more when I could. And learned once again that unplugging is the key to production. Boo! Have I no willpower? Don't answer that.

I'm still working on chapter three of my novel, my excuse being that it's a long chapter. A lot happens! And I'm sure the other reason is that its previous revision numbers run in the dozens rather than hundreds as do the first two chapters.

The poem first draft this week came from my surprise that I've never run across folklore about rain here or in Scotland. Kind of amazing given how much time we spend in its company. We have Thunderbird, but not rain gods, and of course there *must* be one, am I right or am I right (see below).

Thanks so much for your support of me and of Clarion West!



The Green Green Rain

What richer god than green
rain? But where is its story,
what tales do we tell of its
fey trickster teasing punishing

inviting ways? ...


[The full text of the poem is available to anyone who sponsors me in the Clarion West Write-a-thon or will serve as an LJ or Facebook cheerleader.]
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