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The Year of Things Breaking continues.

This week it was first my main computer, which luckily was fixed by simply reinstalling the system software at the loss of only an afternoon and evening (install + download & install all the updates) rather than several hundred dollars. Okay. And so far so good.

Then it was our DSL modem, which has actually been annoying us for about a year now, slowing down, and needing rebooting, slowing down and needing rebooting, ad nauseum. We thought about buying a new one, so I emailed our ISP provider to see what he recommended, and he said to update the modem firmware.

Allrighty then. Always happy to try something that doesn't involve a new purchase, I endeavoured to do this thing, following website instructions. It failed. Modem now useless. I could see there was a link to tell me what to do if the update failed, but being modem-less, couldn't follow-up. I phoned Devin, who explained that it wanted me to download something. Which was of course impossible due to lack of modem functionality.

Our kind neighbours offered the use of their web connection, so I trudged through the snow (yes, it snowed here!) and downloaded the necessary software. Trudged back home and followed the annoying instructions, and...

...I didn't have all the info from our ISP to reset the modem settings. They close at 9:00. This was 9:12. And so. Stuck.

There went another evening.

Then next afternoon, however, once home from work I was able to phone, get settings, reset and carry on.

Please, let nothing else break. For a reasonable amount of time at least. I have a lot of deadlines.

Through all this I also discovered, much to my dismay (but sadly not surprise as I had long suspected this) that I am a computer-and-internet addict. It drives me unreasonably crazy not to have my computer working or my DSL connection. Crazy.

This can't be good.


For my listening, reading, and writing updates, please see Les Semaines.
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