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It's a Hot Day. It's the centre of my month to myself. This has been quite a year, quite. Dear Les Semaines, it has been nearly six months since my last confession.

The workshop has been over for two+ weeks and I have not yet been able to settle down to work. Of course, we've had a houseguest and then I was ladder ballast while Jim sanded, primed and painted the facia on the east and west sides of the house, but I have no excuse today. Except it's Hot.

Luckily, we have a breeze.

It's not that I have accomplished nothing. I have done a lot of reading. I have had a spa treatment! Massage and moisturizing and so now I am a modern spa-ed woman! And this very day I shortened the sleeves of a jacket that has needed shortening for so long that the part I cut off had gone all ragged. But I did it.

And now I'm about to go and celebrate Devin's birthday, which was yesterday.


Check out Les Semaines for, umm, some book comments! Yeah, there's content there. Click for slacker reviews of (AKA my reader's comments on) Ian McDonald's The Dervish House, Stephanie Burgis's A Most Improper Magic and Maggie Steifvater's Linger, all three of which I loved. LOVED. You should read them, too.

Oh, and in the music world I'm loving Emily Portman's (the U.K. one)'s album the glamoury, a gorgeous album of traditional and neo-traditional music, kind of a cross between The Unthanks and Lisa Knapp. Gorgeous. Go listen to this. Samples at her MySpace page.
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