Aug. 2nd, 2010

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The write-a-thon and the workshop are over. Fastest. Six. Weeks. Ever. The workshop's six weeks feels like there's a lifetime packed into them and yet they race past. The write-a-thon, because I have to tuck it into the corners of workshop busyness, definitely feels the same way.

Going on from here, my plan is to try to continue the minimum two submissions a week thing and to try to get a new draft of a poem a week, whether it's a revision or a first draft.

August is my month to start revising my second novel, as well. I haven't started yet, but will tomorrow as I still have some loose ends from the workshop to tidy up.

So for this final week my printer still isn't working so I emailed a batch of poems to an online magazine and yet another manuscript query. My draft was another iteration of the first chapter of my novel.

Done! Like dinner! And so another workshop and write-a-thon ends. I need a really, really, REALLY long nap.

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